Just a minute of information on…Depression

By Robert Elmer III on March 3, 2015 in Uncategorized

Not surprisingly, many folks think that depression is a natural result of dementia but it’s not. It’s been said that only about 20 to 40% of individuals with dementia suffer from depression and it can be treated. As they aren’t likely to tell you they’re depressed, you need to know what to look for…Here’s a quick list…Tearfulness, worry or a loss of pleasure, uncooperativeness, eating less or more, fearfulness or guilt, difficulty falling asleep and loss of energy, apathy or withdrawal. Depression is a chemical illness and frankly is not a normal reaction to having dementia. Remember that you are their advocate so report any of these symptoms to their doctor. Keep them engaged, well nourished and in spite of their refusals, get them up, dressed and about. There are some wonderful medications out there that the doctor can prescribe to deal with depression that will go a long way to improve their quality of life and yours.


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