Appropriate training of your Alzheimer’s Caregiving Staff is critical. In fact, in many States, specific Alzheimer’s Care training is mandatory and it should be. At Care for Caregivers we offer three options that your community can choose from that will address this need. Whether it’s for a first time orientation of new staff members, a refresher for your more seasoned staff or part of a continuing education program, your team will come away empowered with the information and insights they need to provide the level of care and understanding these special individuals deserve.

We should also point out that along with traditional Caregivers like Doctors, Nurses and Aides, Care for Caregivers has been called upon to train Members of the Law Enforcement Community and Emergency Response Personnel.

Here’s What They’ll Learn…

– The number one thing all individuals with Alzheimer’s look to their Caregiver for.
– What Alzheimer’s is and what it isn’t.
– Critical Do’s and Don’ts in Caregiving and Behavior Management that your staff will apply every day.
– Warning Signs
– The difference between Alzheimer’s and normal aging.
– Alzheimer’s is dementia but dementia isn’t always Alzheimer’s.
– The difference between Permanent and Reversible Dementia.
– Specific and useful Behavior Management techniques.
– Dealing with the families
– And More…


Care for Caregivers is here to serve you, your staff and of course those you are caring for. That’s why our training options are flexible. Choose from the following options…

– A comprehensive One Hour session
One in-depth Four Hour session.
– The in-depth four hour session completed in 4 individual one hour segments. i.e Four consecutive Wednesday afternoons or a one hour session for four consecutive days.

It’s no secret that a dedicated community is only as good as it’s staff. Why not empower your team with the information and skills to be the best they can be for your community, your residents and their families?

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