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How Can Working with Care for Caregivers help you?

Mr. Elmer has proven to be a valued and sought after speaker at Conferences throughout New England. His engaging “Break-out”session on “Understanding Alzheimer’s-The Do’s and Don’t of Alzheimer’s Care” is always among those that are the highest rated by the attendees.

Colleges/Specialty Schools:
For over 15 years Mr. Elmer has lectured at The College level as well as to students entering the Healthcare field as Certified Nursing Assistants and Resident Care Providers. For many, this is the only in depth training they have received in understanding the world of dementia. The result? They become better caregivers.

Senior Care Communities:
As a Licensed Assisted Living Administrator, Mr. Elmer is keenly aware of how important it is for every member of the community’s team to understand dementia and the challenges it can present. Along with your Nurses and Aides, your Activities, Food Service and even your Environmental Services team needs to have a thorough understanding of the challenges they may face and how to deal with them. Your staff will appreciate your investment in them to help them become better informed.

Police and Emergency Response Personnel:
First responders are in the position of frequently not knowing what they are going to find “behind the door” when they arrive. Ambulance teams, EMT’s, Firefighters and The Police find themselves empowered with the information that Mr. Elmer provides them, so when they find themselves dealing with a demented individual in their home, in a hospital or found “wandering” they know how to deal with the situation which will result in a better outcome for all concerned.

CNA Training:
Certified Nursing Assistants are on the front line of caregiving and they need to have a complete understanding of the Do’s and Don’ts of Alzheimer’s/ dementia care. Mr. Elmer’s training will prepare them to work in any environment; Skilled, Assisted Living or in a residential setting.

Did you know that only 1% of RN’s today have any Geriatric Certification? Or that only 26% of RN’s Baccalaureate programs have a Geriatric Certified Faculty member. How well do your Nursing and Care team members understand the challenges of dealing with a patient with dementia? How about those that work in Emergency Rooms? Physicians, Nurses, Technicians and Public Safety personnel have all benefitted from Mr. Elmer’s experience and insights as he provides them with an in depth understanding of what is happening as well as with solutions to deal with varied challenges they may face.

Community Education:
Mr. Elmer has been brought in to speak at Hospitals, Human Service Agencies, Assisted Living Communities, Nursing Homes, Senior Centers, Corporations and Adult Day Centers as part of their Public Relations program. They invite the general public to their venue to hear Mr. Elmer share his experience and insights into the world of understanding and caregiving of those with Alzheimer’s and other dementias. This is of great interest and value to “informal” or at-home caregivers.