Just a Minute of Information…On Eating

By Robert Elmer III on January 29, 2014 in Uncategorized

If your loved isn’t eating as well as they used to or as well as they should there are some very good reasons why. Many with Alzheimer’s have difficulty eating and the reasons can be simple and then maybe not. Do they have a dental problem they aren’t able to articulate? Do they recognize what’s on the plate? Try to provide meals in a quiet environment away from distractions like the TV or radio. Try serving them one item at a time as different colors and textures can be hard to process. Try to maintain a dining routine. Does their food need cutting? Hydration is very important for all seniors and chances are your loved isn’t going to tell you they’re thirsty. Give them something to drink every couple of hours but not two hours before bed time. Finally be patient with them and let them feed themselves for as long as they can. And that’s a minute of information on eating.

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