Just a Minute of Information… on Dressing.

By Robert Elmer III on April 2, 2014 in Memory, Seniors

You’ve heard me say that your loved ones with Alzheimer’s have problems processing. Well this is particularly evident when it come to dressing. There’s a series of steps that go into dressing and although your loved knows how to dress themselves they may have a problem understanding in which order everything goes on.  This is when the boxers end up outside the slacks or the slip on outside the skirt. If you find they are wearing the same clothes over and over and over, rather than try to reason with someone you can’t reason with, buy clothes that are similar to the ones they always wear. Have 3 pairs of khakis, 3 plaid shirts of the same pattern, 2 Navy blue cardigans and so on. If you have trouble getting them to change, bring the new or clean clothes into the bath with you. When they’re finished with the shower, they simply step into the new clothes and you move on with your day. If you’re having trouble, remember routine is important and a good therapeutic fib, like let’s get pretty for the kids, can help to. I’m Bob Elmer and that’s a minute of information on dressing.

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