Alzheimer’s Care- Just a Minute of Information….On Sundowning

By Robert Elmer III on December 17, 2013 in Memory, Seniors

Sundowning is when behavior problems with your loved one begin at dusk.  About 40 % of those with Alzheimer’s will “sundown” and many caregivers want to know why. Well it’s no secret that the those with Alzheimer’s are much better in the morning so maybe your charge is just tired, perhaps their body clock is out of sync or maybe they’re reading your body language and that your a little tired and cranky…remember they can sense your emotions. You want to make sure that your home is well lit, engage them in an activity at that time, look at photo albums or watch a favorite show with them and remember how important making sense of their environment is to them. To much noise, too much music, too many children is a lot to process and can only add to confusion and aggravation. Keep them active and don’t let them nap to much. Also watch out for the verbal cues you may be sending. “I have to pick the kids up at the bus” or “I have to pick Dad up at work” can set of some real triggers.

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