Alzheimer’s Care-Environment

By Robert Elmer III on February 23, 2014 in Uncategorized

If you’re caring for your loved one at home, it’s important that you maintain an appropriate environment.  Is your residence supporting your loved one with Alzheimer’s? Let’s see. Are hallways and common areas clutter free? Is the flooring appropriate for good traction? Remember, no scatter rugs as they grab toes. Are the windows allowed to open only a little? Is there enough light? Are sliding glass doors identified with decals or decorations at eye level? Are electric cords out of the way? Does your bathroom have grab bars or do you have a shower chair? Is there zero access to heat generating appliances? Are hazardous cleaning materials locked away? And are your doors secure to avoid them going on an adventure when your back is turned. Remember that the illness has taken away their ability to process and recognize what may be dangerous to them so you have to be diligent and always be ready to expect the unexpected.

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