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By Robert Elmer III on March 13, 2014 in Uncategorized


Every individual with Alzheimer’s is special and unique.  One of the things that we should all remember is that “anticipation breeds frustration” and that’s why you may want to think twice about sharing up and coming events with your loved one prematurely. Telling him or her that your daughter is coming for a visit “next week” can have them obsessing and immediately worrying about where they are and why they are not there yet. One well meaning wife went to England for a month but had her friends stop by the community where he lived to visit her husband and reassure him she’d be back. The result? He would spend hours standing by the door waiting for her. You’ll have the same experience if you say you’re going out to lunch as they may think your leaving immediately and not realize that the lunch date is for tomorrow. The point here is not to add to their confusion and frustration so make sure you’re not giving them too much information too soon.

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