Just a Minute of Information on…When You’re Accused.

By Robert Elmer III on July 31, 2014 in Uncategorized

You’re a caregiver of someone with Alzheimer’s and they say “Where’s my money? Someone must have stolen it” How do you deal with it?  First, remember that carrying a wallet is something we all have done most of our lives. Many individuals are also used to always carrying a good amount of cash and now they aren’t. If your loved one has this problem you may let them have a wallet or purse with real or pretend money but remember, if they are anxious or fearful or distrusting they may hide it. I knew of a woman once that thought someone had taken $20.00 from her. When her daughter started to open drawers and look around she found over $2000 in cash. You may want to ask them what they want to buy because that may have been the trigger for wanting their wallet or cash. Never be dismissive about their concerns and be willing to help them look for their money or wallet. You want to maintain as much normal for them as you can so respecting this part of their life can be very important. I’m Bob Elmer and that’s todays Memory Care Minute.

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