Just a Minute of Information on… Genetic Predispositions.

By Robert Elmer III on January 25, 2017 in Uncategorized

Just when you thought things couldn’t get worse for those families dealing with Alzheimer’s, 60 Minutes did a shocking segment on a family in Columbia, South America.  They profiled a family that was impacted by Alzheimers in a way none of us could imagine. They identified a genetic mutation in Chromosome #14 that not only guaranteed that person would be 100% sure of developing Alzheimer’s but it also virtually guaranteed that once symptoms started to present themselves they would be gone within 10 years. Multiple generations of this family were affected directly and indirectly. One younger woman in the family that is, ironically a nurse, admitted that, given the opportunity, she would not have children because she felt that would be unfair to them. If there is any good news in this, it is that it’s providing researchers powerful insight into how they can develop a way to prevent Alzheimer’s in the future. Unfortunately this segment confirmed what I’ve already shared with you… that Science is at least 5 years away from any “prevention” breakthroughs.” Clearly, that’s not soon enough for some. Questions? Email me at repe@careforcare.yabanjin.com. And remember…Join the Journey.

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