Just a Minute of Information…On Driving.

By Robert Elmer III on August 20, 2013 in Uncategorized

Safety first? Well not in this case. A few years ago, HBO produced a series called The Alzheimer’s Project that I recommend every caregiver watch. You can access it through The Alzheimer’s Association web sight at www.alz.org. One of the stories they profiled was of a woman with Alzheimer’s that was about to lose her drivers license. She was not the least bit happy about “losing her independence.” Her daughter allowed her to take a driving test, hoping that would help mom understand why she should no longer be on the road. After failing the written test, they still let her get on the road for a driving test. After not being able to find reverse and almost causing a head on collision, once safely back at the DMV, her daughter told her she had failed the test and that she could no longer drive.  Mom’s response? “You’re taking away my independence.” The point is that, because of her Alzheimer’s, it never occurred to her that she had literally put her life and the lives of others in jeopardy.  And that’s one more reason that your role as the caregiver is so important and one more reason you need to Join the Journey.

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