Alzheimer’s Care- Just a Minute of Information on… Driving

By Robert Elmer III on October 23, 2013 in Memory, Seniors

One of the biggest challenges that many families have is dealing with the loved that should surrender the car or at least the keys.  It’s not easy when the son or daughter has to take on the responsibility of being the parent to their parent and to be perfectly honest with you many simply won’t do it, especially when it comes to telling mom or dad that they can no longer drive. Sometimes a good old fashioned sit down will work when you explain you are worried about their safety but be ready to assure them that they’ll still be able to get to appointments, shopping, church or out to visit friends. Another option is to ask the family physician to deliver the news as many seniors consider what the doctor says as Gospel. If all else fails, consider taking the car away and tell them it’s being serviced or disabling the car. If disabling is the answer make sure you contact the garage because  they may just get a call you don’t want them to get. Remember, it’s all about keeping them and others safe.

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