Just a Minute of Information on…Sensing Emotions

As there are plenty  of  ”do’s” in Alzheimer’s Care, there are also a few “don’ts.” Although you may not realize it, your loved one can still sense emotion and that’s why you never want to talk about them and their issues, in front of them, like they aren’t there. I was attending a lecture years ago when the speaker, who was an at home caregiver, confessed that she was not having a good day and neither was her afflicted husband. She just wasn’t as tolerant, patient and supportive as she normally was and at the end of the day, she was feeling a little guilty. In an effort to get things back to normal, she approached her husband, gently held his hand and said, “honey, you know I love you.” His response? “you say you love me but your eyes don’t.”

As an at home caregiver and especially as  a professional caregiver, you need to always remember that your “charges” are able to interpret your facial expressions, the tone of your voice and even your body language. I know of a situation where a professional caregiver approached a resident with a stern face and her arms crossed. Trust me when I say that that situation did not end well.  Thanks for what you do and remember to Join the Journey.

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